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“It required a large measure of courage to build a music center specifically in the Western Galilee, distant from the center of the country, in the heart of the periphery which so desperately needs cultural oxygen.”
Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel, summer 2015


The Keshet Eilon International Music Center and String Mastercourse, founded in 1990 at Kibbutz Eilon at Israel’s northern border, is devoted to training and promoting young violinists from Israel and throughout the world who are intent upon attaining the highest level of musical artistry. Its faculty is comprised of internationally renowned violin masters from all parts of the world, including Israel and Israeli violinists who live abroad.
The course, which is viewed as one of the most outstanding worldwide, accepts 52-58 participants each summer, from approximately 23 countries. Some 10-12 participants are from Israel.
At the heart of Keshet Eilon’s work is the conviction that the harmony of music can create a bridge to peace between religions, peoples and nations. Consequently, each graduate of the Mastercourse becomes a new ambassador for peace and a representative of both Israel’s cultural contributions to the world, and the power of the arts to unify.
Keshet Eilon, now in its 27th year, has achieved international recognition in the music community as a sought-after training venue. It is currently in a momentous transition, preparing to expand from an institution offering programs at intervals to a year-round classical music conservatory.
Locally, Keshet Eilon engages in multiple initiatives that bring fine music and music education to surrounding communities, including several programs with Arab Israelis, creating enhanced cultural understanding at home as well as abroad.
Complementing its musical achievements, Keshet Eilon’s activities continue to encourage the development of the Western Galilee, enhancing quality of life, education, employment and tourism in the region.

A sense of mission propelled the founders of Keshet Eilon to host 12 violinists, newly arrived from the former Soviet Union [..…] Ever since that first group arrived, you succeeded in acquiring an international reputation, and in putting Keshet Eilon on the map”.
Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel, summer 2015

Keshet Eilon began its music program in 1990 with 14 violin students, and today accommodates 220 students annually. From a single Summer Mastercourse, Keshet Eilon has grown into a highly-respected international music education program that offers periodic seminars, an annual concert series, and gala concerts around the world, including in Israel, New York, London, Berlin and Geneva.
The number of annual performances in the Bar-Uryan Concert Hall at Keshet Eilon has grown over the years from an average of 10 to close to 40, with over 6,000 tickets sold in 2016. Talented students who originally came from 4 countries to attend the Summer Mastercourse now come from an average of 22 counties, with a total of 55 countries represented since its inception.
In recent years, Keshet Eilon launched a unique program in which young musicians from Israel – Jewish and Arab – play music together. This program generates high interest world-wide.
The annual budget has grown 100-fold, from 60 thousand shekels ($30,000) in 1990, when all the facilities belonged to Kibbutz Eilon and Keshet Eilon used them at no cost, to today, when we have an independent and expanding campus, and our total budget is 5.3 million shekels ($1.5), excluding new construction and expansion plans.

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