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Terms and Conditions

International String Mastercourse
July 22 - Aug. 9, 2018

The cost of participation in the Keshet Eilon Summer Mastercourse is NIS 12,500 (€2,650/$3,480*). Tuition covers 19 days' accommodation, meals and snacks, all instruction, and organized outings. A non-refundable registration fee of NIS 500 (€106/$139*) in the form of a bank transfer, credit card payment, or check, accompanied by the Application Form, should be sent to the office in Israel by February 28. The registration fee will be credited to the general tuition (balance NIS 12,000/€2,543/$3,330*), which must be paid by the same payment methods, upon notification of acceptance to the Mastercourse, and no later than June 15.

BANK TRANSFER: Bank transfers should be made to the following bank account:
Account Name: Keshet Eilon Reg. Org.
Bank Hapoalim, Nahariya branch (716)
Shderot Hagaaton 37, Nahariya, Israel
Account Number: 28346
Swift code – Poalilit
IBAN – IL96-0127-1600-0000-0028-346
CREDIT CARD: All major credit cards are accepted.
CHECK: Make check payable to Keshet Eilon Reg. Org.

A discount of NIS 900 (€190/$250*) will be given for payment of the full tuition fee by May 25, leaving a balance of NIS 11,100 (€2,353/$3008*) + the NIS 500 (€106/$139*) non-refundable tuition fee. Please note: This discount is applicable to non-scholarship students only.

Scholarships of various amounts are available for outstanding violinists, violists and cellists in need of assistance in order to take part in the Mastercourse. To attain a scholarship, applicants must first complete the registration procedure, including filling in the Application Form in full, submitting a written request for scholarship aid (a link to download this form appears in the application form) accompanied by necessary financial documentation (salary slips and a financial declaration), and an audition. Only after we receive the application materials and hear the audition will scholarship eligibility and the amount to be awarded be decided.

Should an applicant have to cancel his/her participation in the course for any personal or other reason, a cancellation charge of NIS 4,500 (€953/$1,250*) will be debited from the total tuition fee, pending receipt of notification of the cancellation no later than June 30th. There will be no refunds of any kind after June 30th, except for a documented medical emergency, in which case room and board only will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

* These equivalents are subject to exchange rates on the day of payment.

Participants must arrive at Kibbutz Eilon on Sunday, July 22, 2018, and remain until the end of the Gala concert in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night Aug. 8th.

Transportation to Eilon:
Participants traveling from Ben-Gurion Airport to Eilon are advised to take the train at the airport to the town of Nahariya, the closest town to Eilon. Transportation from there to the kibbutz will be provided. The train schedule will be forwarded to you in accordance with your flight itinerary.

Transportation to the airport: Transportation will be provided to the airport immediately after the Gala Concert for  Participants flying home on August 9th.

Insurance for health, instrument, and personal belongings/equipment: Each participant must submit a "Release from Responsibility" form, signed by their instrument insurer, together with the student's confirmation of participation in the Mastercourse. This form will be sent together with the letter of acceptance to the Mastercourse. All insurance must be prepaid, and copies of the contracts must be submitted to Keshet Eilon upon arrival at the Mastercourse.

Registration materials:
1. Application Form: Please complete it online. All the other required materials can also be uploaded there.
2. CV/Resume: CVs must be prepared in English and in a professional CV format, limited to 120 words. This material will be used for concert programs during the course. A sample CV format appears in the Application Form for guidance. Please note: Longer CVs or CVs unsuitable for concert programs will be rejected. Be sure to list any honors or prizes you have received in the past five years. Additionally, please list previous years of participation in Keshet Eilon, if any. If you plan to bring an instrument that is on loan to you, please cite this, with the name of the loan body.
3. Personal Photos: Please provide two high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) 13x18 cm. (5x7 in., approx.) digital head-shot color photos sent by e-mail. If you cannot arrange for this, please send two studio high-quality 13x18 cm. head-shot color photos by postal mail. These photos will be used for publicity purposes.
4. Financial Assistance form: Please submitt this form supported by the necessary documents.

Sending the application materials
: Please fill in the online Application Form, together with all the required application materials for candidacy in the Mastercourse, and submitt them directly via Embark or by email to:
Letter of Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from your current teacher and/or a known musician with whom you have collaborated recently is required. It should be sent directly to Keshet Eilon by February 28, 2017.

The Application Form and all required materials must arrive at Keshet Eilon no later than February 28.

Note: Some elements are subject to change.

The Keshet Eilon Music Center is administered by a registered non-profit organization. Its funding is based on support by foundations, organizations and private individuals.

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