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General Information

Keshet Eilon International Violin and String Mastercourse
July 22– August 9, 2018


The Mastercourse is intended for gifted young violinists, violists and cellists of all nationalities, ages 16 to 26, who have attained a high standard of performance. Participants must be able to communicate in and understand English, the official language of the course.

Applicants must submitt a recording of two pieces by different composers and in different styles, in a media file in a wellknown format. The files are to be submitted with the completed application form here
Please note, other means of conveying the recorded audition are not acceptable.

Each applicant is requested to submit a list of five or more pieces for study during the Mastercourse. These should be works of different styles and periods (as indicated in the Application Form), which have been previously studied or performed. The chart in the Application Form should be completed in printed letters and should include composer and title, giving all details and correct spellings as well as number of movements and their names. This information will be used later on in the programs printed for the Mastercourse. This listing will be binding and will determine the concert programs during the Mastercourse.
Participants will be requested to bring the piano scores for these pieces to the Mastercourse.

Daily schedule:
The daily schedule consists of individual lessons and practice in the morning; archery, chamber music and masterclasses throughout the day; and concerts in the evening. Each student receives individual instruction on alternate days, and works with an assigned pianist daily. The importance of keeping to the schedule and maintaining an awareness of the activities beyond the individual lessons is emphasized. Similarly, the presence of all teachers and students at the masterclasses, concerts and various scheduled encounters is viewed as essential.

Teacher assignments:
Upon acceptance to the Mastercourse, participants may submit individual requests regarding a preferred teacher, as will be detailed in the letter of acceptance. Every effort will be made to meet the student’s wish, although Keshet Eilon reserves the right to make final decisions.

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