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Building a Campus for Keshet Eilon

In 2005 Keshet Eilon decided to establish a campus for the Music Center. The existing infrastructure was insufficient to accommodate the ever-increasing number of students who take part in its activities and without expansion Keshet Eilon could not realize its proven full potential. In the wake of a joint decision on the part of its secretariat, and with the support of its members, Kibbutz Eilon transferred 29 dunam (approx. 7.25 acres) of land for the purpose.

Construction of stage 1 of the campus, which was planned by architect Tzadik Eliakim, began in 2013 and lasted for about two years. It was made possible thanks to generous donations from the late Isacc Ribatzky and from Patrick Drahi, Raya Strauss, public bodies and private donors. This stage today comprises twelve units of student residences, a cafeteria and an acoustic shell.

The suites and villas are also rented out to groups and families, and the funds obtained thereby help partially to cover expenses and new initiatives.