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Seminars for Israeli Violin and Viola Students and their Teachers, aimed at stimulating and encouraging violin playing in Israel, held twice annually, led by senior Keshet Eilon faculty.

Some 80 young violinists and violists from all parts of the country arrive for three days of intensive study. Each student receives three personal lessons from a senior faculty member, and takes part in enrichment activities including playing in ensembles and attending concerts and masterclasses. Some of the participants come from music institutions in the Arab sector, and this interaction fosters personal connections through music. We at Keshet Eilon believe that once the participants return to their homes and families, they become ambassadors of music study to all who surround them.

Significantly, the number of young Israeli violinists who have been accepted in the International Keshet Eilon International Summer Mastercourse has increased significantly ever since the Seminar program was initiated.

In its effort to nurture violin study for excellence, Keshet Eilon supports students in various ways, including loans of instruments for students who cannot afford to purchase them; scholarships to cover part of the seminar tuition; and use of our unique Music Library, including facilities to photo-copy notes open to all students and their teachers.

Winter Seminar
December 19-21, 2019

Registration for the seminar will begin on Sunday 6.10.19 and end on Sunday 17.11.19
Early registration will take place between the 6-24.10.19. Cost: with accommodation 650 NIS / no accommodation 580 NIS
And from 25.10.19 until the end of registration on 17.11.19. Cost: with accommodation 700 NIS / without accommodation 630 NIS

Spring Seminar
April 1-4, 2020

Registration form for students

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Please specify special requests for the seminar. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs:

Works on which I will work at the seminar

Please submit a list of the works you plan to work on during the seminar, the list should be written in English and in printed letters. Be specific – include composer, title, giving all details and correct spellings as shown on the sample bellow. Attached the document here.

Composer (name and dates) Composition name in full (including No. Op, etc) Movements
J. S. Bach (1685-1750) Partita No. 2 in d minor, BWV 1009 Largo

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