International String Mastercourse 2021

The 2021 International String Summer Mastercourse ended on August 12th. The night before, we signed an 18-day festive graduation chord of quality musical performance, which this time was in a hybrid form.

Sixty-three participants from all over the world took part in in an 18 days Mastercourse, staged in a hybrid format.

All students received individual lessons and participated in masterclasses and concerts, both in a virtual and face-to-face formats. The latter were Israeli students who gathered at the music center campus, where they were able to participate in chamber and ensemble performances, in one-on-one lessons, masterclasses and concerts in the Bar-Uryan Hall and the acoustic shell, as well as in sports and social activities.

The International Hybrid Mastercourse concluded on August 11, with a festive Gala concert. The stage of the Bar-Uryan Hall was handed over to the “live” students, while the achievements of the “virtual” participants from abroad were displayed on the screen.

We would like to thank all participants – faculty and students, operation staff, and all the partners who cooperated and worked around (guest artists, drivers, photographers, caterers, lighting and amplification, decoration and cleaning and all everyone…) for their contribution to the Mastercourse success.

We wish you a happy new year, lots of health and most importantly – see you all throughout the year – in the concert series, seminars and the next summer Mastercourse.

Final Gala Concert 2021 – Bar-Uryna hall

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