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The Music Tower

The music tower of the Keshet Eilon Music Center is located in a structure that was built in the 1950’s as the grain silo of Kibbutz Eilon. In 2001 the silo was converted into a multi-purpose building on the initiative and through the donation of the family of the late Ami and Gabi Brown.

The library is housed on the ground floor of the building, and holds a unique and rich collection of the finest repertoire for string instruments that includes books, tapes, cassettes and DVD discs. The collection of sheet music is varied, and includes compositions for strings and piano for chamber music ensembles. The library is comprised of gifts of rare collections and the estates of musicians, such as Joseph Kaminsky (who was the first violinist of the Israel Philharmonic from 1937 to 1969), the pianist Pnina Salzman, the late Siegfried Alperin (the Concertmaster of the Israeli National Opera), the late Shmuel Segal, the late Avraham Melamed, the library of Lazar Gantman, (a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra) and the donation of Eti and Gerry Barnea in memory of the violinist Joseph Kaminsky. Music sheets were also contributed by kibbutz libraries, such as Kibbutz Sasa, which donated music sheets in memory of their well-loved music teacher Avi Shachar, some that were donated by Kvutzat Yavneh, and others that had belonged to the Ron Shulamit Conservatory, which was the first music conservatory in Tel Aviv. In addition, the library holds works that were composed especially for Keshet Eilon.

The library serves all the students of Keshet Eilon, members of the faculty and guests of the center. It is also open to the general public.

The furniture and other equipment in the library were generously donated by the ICA Israel Foundation. In 2017 the name of the library was changed to the Mischa Elman Music Library on the initiative and through the donation of Terry Magnin and Dana Prinz, the granddaughters of the renowned violinist.

On the second floor a high standard classroom contains a grand piano, armchairs and shelves of books variously related to music. Most of the contents of this room were contributed by Minnie Kopilov in memory of her mother, the late Ruth Kopilov. The grand piano and the picture which hangs on the wall behind it were formerly located in her mother’s lovely apartment. Bonnie and John Boland (U.S.) also donated items for use in this room.

The atelier, in which violins and bows are built, repaired and maintained, is situated on the third and uppermost floor of the Music Library. The atelier was located in various different places until 2007, when it was granted a permanent home, thanks to support from the Ministry of Culture and Sport. The furniture for the workshop was donated by Neva and Livio Steindler, music-lovers, friends of Keshet Eilon and part-time residents of Kibbutz Eilon. The craftsmen of the atelier attend to the repair and continuous maintenance of the instruments used by students and faculty members, and guide the young players in the care of their instruments.

The music tower was renovated in 2015 with the assistance of the Susan S. Sheba Foundation, in honor of the violinist Charlie Siem.

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