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Keshet Eilon String Summer Mastercourse

The Keshet Eilon International String Mastercourse, a three-week program for young violinists, violists, and cellists from Israel and the rest of the world, offers personal instruction by distinguished teachers, masterclasses, innovative workshops, opportunities to perform as soloists and as chamber music players in concerts, and a unique archery sports program for string instrumentalists. The Mastercourse is attended each summer by some 50-60 outstanding string students from all parts of the world, many of whom are prizewinners of international competitions. Approximately 1,600 alumni of Keshet Eilon throughout the world have won the world’s most important musical competitions and have embarked upon magnificent careers as soloists; others lead renowned orchestras. Most of them continue to keep in touch with the Music Center and help promote it. During the International Mastercourses, all activities, including individual lessons and masterclasses, are open to the public at no charge. The concerts held every evening in the Bar-Uryan Concert Hall require a modest fee earmarked for covering maintenance expenses.

2023 International String Summer Mastercourse at Keshet Eilon

The Keshet Eilon Summer Mastercourse 2023 will be held in an in-person (live) format, from July 23 to August 10, 2023, at the Keshet Eilon Music Center, Kibbutz Eilon, Israel.

Last but not least call from Keshet Eilon

Due to the great demand for registration to the 2023 String Summer Mastercourse

we are postponing the end of the registration deadline to

March 15, 2023

The number of participants is limited!

Keshet Eilon Summer Mastercourse 2023

Summer 2023 Faculty

Course dates:
July 23 – August 10, 2023

Deadline for application

The registration date for the Keshet Eilon International String Summer Mastercourse is March 1, 2023.

Teacher recommendations deadline:
March 30, 2023

Changes to repertoire list:
June 15, 2023

Candidates to the Mastercourse are talented string students aged 16-26, after submitting their application and a successful audition.

Keshet Eilon may consider accepting musicians under the age of 16 in exceptional cases only after meeting all registration terms, including an audition.

If a candidate under 16 is accepted, they will need to be accompanied for the entire course by a guardian (parent/family member).

All participants must attend the Mastercourse in full, namely from Sunday, July 23, 2023, until its conclusion, the Gala Concert in Tel Aviv, to be held on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Course Registration and Tuition fees:

$150 registration fee will be paid directly through the SLIDEROOM website – upon submission. This non-refundable amount – applies to all registrants without exception.

The tuition fee for all participants in the Mastercourse is 12,000 NIS which covers accommodation, full board, individual live lessons, masterclasses, concerts and social activities.

Payments of the tuition fee are accepted also in US Dollars, GBP and Euro. The amounts are subject to exchange rates on the day of payment.

Forms of payment:

Bank transfer:

Please mark in the transfer remarks – Tuition fee and your name.
Bank HaPoalim, Nahariya branch (716), account no. 28346
Keshet Eilon, registered NPO no. 58-018-637-7.
Swift Code – Poalilit / IBAN IL 96-0127-1600-0000-0028346

to submit your payment via Paypal Follow this link

Credit Card:
All major credit cards are accepted.

Guidelines for the Mastercourse participants:

Scholarships:  Scholarships of various amounts are available for outstanding violinists, violists and cellists in need of assistance in order to take part in the Mastercourse. To attain a scholarship, applicants must first complete the registration procedure, including filling in the Application Form in full, submitting a written request for scholarship aid (you can download the form here) accompanied by necessary financial documentation (salary slips and a financial declaration), and an audition. Only after we receive the application materials and hear the audition will scholarship eligibility and the amount to be awarded be decided.

Insurance for health, instrument, and personal belongings/equipment:  Each participant must submit a “Release from Responsibility” form, signed by their instrument insurer, together with the student’s confirmation of participation in the Mastercourse. This form will be sent together with the letter of acceptance to the Mastercourse. All insurance must be prepaid, and copies of the contracts must be submitted to Keshet Eilon upon arrival at the Mastercourse.

Transportation to Eilon: We offer transportation to Kibbutz Eilon. Further details will be sent later on.

Transportation from Tel Aviv at the end of the course: following the end of the Gala Concert transportation to the Ben-Gurion airport will be supplied. Further details will be sent later on.

The Keshet Eilon Music Center is administered by a registered non-profit organization. Its funding is based on support by foundations, organizations and private individuals.

Submit your application online via SlideRoom HERE

The Application must include:

$150 Non-refundable reg. fee
Audition recordings – 2 contrasting pieces (can be a movement of each piece) –  in form of YouTube link or video file (mpg, avi, etc)
CV written in a story format and not to exceed 150 words (Sample CV format)
A head-shot/half body-color high-resolution photo – (this will be used for the student’s board and publicity purposes)
Financial Assistance Form (download form here) if applicable and supporting documents should be sent directly to sahar@kesheteilon.org.il

Will be updated soon

Violin and Bow making Atelier

The atelier for violin and bow makers is an open studio in which the students of the summer course and their instructors can observe the craftsmen at work. The atelier team includes violin maker Adam Korman (Israel) and bow maker Daniel Schmidt (Germany). They perform basic repairs on the instruments of students and teachers and advise them on how best to treat and maintain them.

The Atelier will be open this summer from July 24 until August 8. Opening hours: on the bulletin boards and at the Keshet Eilon office.

Archery and the art of violin playing

This sporting activity was adopted by Keshet Eilon at the initiative of our veteran violin maker Amnon Weinstein, who is one of its founders. The training is based on the overlap between violin playing and archery with regard to posture while executing the action and the use of the same set of muscles, as well as the degree of concentration and coordination required in both activities. Archery training, in which all students on the course participate, enhances their playing skills, strengthens their concentration, and helps them to acquire the habit of persistence and the ability to ignore all surrounding distractions. In addition to all these, the activity offers a respite from the routine of intensive violin practice. The training is conducted by skilled coaches, including Eyal Naveh from Israel.

The Olympic archery activity will take place during the Mastercourse starting on July 25, under the guidance of archery trainer Eyal Naveh and other young coachers.

Hours of operation – on the bulletin boards.

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