MMF in Israel – To be repeated

Keshet Eilon’s first Winter Festival ended on a high note and with the feeling that this is something we shall want to repeat in the future. This festival, which was founded in Chicago by the internationally famous violinist Vadim Gluzman – one of Keshet Eilon’s best-known graduates – and renowned pianist Angela Yoffe, crossed the ocean and arrived in Israel. Here it settled in Keshet Eilon and embarked upon a series of concerts throughout the country. Among the outstanding musicians taking part in the festival were violist Tabea Zimmermann, pianists Alessio Bax and Angela Yoffe, cellist Johannes Moser, violinist Vadim Gluzman and double-bass player Niek de Groot. Fine music and direct contact with the audience turned out to be a winning combination. And the audience? They loved it, and so did the critics.
Here are some photos for your enjoyment

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