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Welcome to Keshet Eilon

Keshet Eilon Music Center and its String Masterclasses were founded in 1990 on Kibbutz Eilon in Western Galilee. The project began as an initiative designed to help with the absorption of new immigrants to Israel, after a group of twelve violinists from the CIS arrived in Eilon, and since then it has blossomed, expanded and, with the passing years, acquired a name for itself.

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Latest News

Talk to me with Music: Robert and Clara Schumann

Talk to me with Music: Robert and Clara Schumann “Take us to Royalty,” begged a famous actress in a radio advertisement for diamonds during the runup to Valentine’s Day last week. The diamond is mentioned already in the Bible as [...]

Friends Associations Near and Far

Keshet Eilon has five Friends Associations in different parts of the world, and I am glad to say that they live up to their name: they are indeed associations of true friends who help us in our important task of [...]

And where are the parents?

Registration for our summer course is at its height, and one of the topics we shall be discussing is musical child prodigies and, no less important, their parents. We shall pay special attention to perhaps the most famous parent ever [...]

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