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Keshet Eilon Music Center and its String Masterclasses were founded in 1990 on Kibbutz Eilon in Western Galilee. It focuses in fostering and promoting young string musicians from Israel and abroad. The Center’s musical activities include International   String Mastercourses, intended for performers at the highest level, every summer, periodic seminars for Israeli string players and a yearly qualitative concert series for the benefit of music lovers from all over the Western galilee. For more information… 

We are happy to invite you to celebrate music with us during the activities of 2021.

Virtual Spring Seminar

At Keshet Eilon Music Center for Israeli string instrumentalists

Will take place from March 7-18, 2021

Registration is now OPEN!

For terms of participation kindly press here.

2021 International String Summer Mastercourse at Keshet Eilon
Will take place from July 25 to August 12,2021

Registration is now OPEN!

For terms of participation and registration kindly press here.

Note: At this time we cannot be certain whether our 2021 Summer Mastercourse will take place in person or online. Please check back for specific updates in the website and media.

Virtual Summer Mastercourse 2020
July 26 – August 12, 2020

Last summer’s Mastercourse was held in a completely different format from our regular format, due to the Covid-19 attack. We decided to hold the Summer Mastercourse in a digital format on the original dates July 26 – August 12, 2020, with our devoted faculty members’ co-operation.

See also in Latest News.

The Mastercourse in numbers

17 Teachers
93 Students
From 26 Countries
Individual Lessons
17 Masterclasses
3 Concerts
2 Lectures

The Mastercourse views

1,894 Zoom viewers
9,726 YouTube views
268,129 Facebook views
279,749 Total views

“Keshet Eilon Stay Home”

Have you seen our latest video project?

“Keshet Eilon Stay Here!” This is Itzhak Rashkovsky’s (Music director) announcement at the end of each concert during the Summer Mastercourses, asking all participants to stay for a meeting discussing the musical program of the upcoming days. Over the years it’s became one of our catch phrases. Due to the Corona days, we’ve changed the phrase – “KESHET EILON STAY HOME!” – and we started to collect videos of our alumni playing pieces, recorded at their safe quarantined homes dedicated for Keshet Eilon.

Watch it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.


Latest News

Winter Seminar 2020 for Israeli string players

This year, the traditional Keshet Eilon winter seminar for Israeli string players was organized in virtual format due to the corona restrictions. Violin, viola, and cello players from all over the country participated in the seminar under the guidance [...]

Virtual 2020 Summer Mastercourse

The sounds of Keshet Eilon were heard around the globe this year as well! Happily, we overcame the difficulties of the Pandemic, and the 93 young participants of Keshet Eilon were offered a unique experience. We are grateful to our [...]

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