Virtual Summer Mastercourse 2020

We’re happy to announce that this year we’re going to host a Virtual Summer Mastercourse.

Over 3 weeks we will host Concerts, Masterclasses, Lectures, and more. All activities will be held via Zoom and will be live-streamed on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. All of these activities will be open to the public to view and enjoy the experience.

For more details go to our Mastercourse page.

Welcome to Keshet Eilon

Keshet Eilon Music Center and its String Masterclasses were founded in 1990 on Kibbutz Eilon in Western Galilee. The project began as an initiative designed to help with the absorption of new immigrants to Israel, after a group of twelve violinists from the CIS arrived in Eilon, and since then it has blossomed, expanded and, with the passing years, acquired a name for itself.

Latest News

Fima Khayutin of blessed memory

At the last minute - Fima Khayutin has gone. We were shocked to hear about his sudden death at his residence in Minsk, Belarus. He was only 59 years old in his death. Fima served at Keshet Eilon as head [...]

Legendary Violinist Ida Haendel passed away

Legendary Violinist Ida Haendel passed away few days ago. What a great loss for the faculty members, alumni, students, and friends of Keshet Eilon and the entire music world! Haendel joined the faculty of Keshet Eilon Summer Mastercourses as a [...]