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Our Seminars Program

Seminar for String Players in Israel

The seminar program of Keshet Eilon was initiated in 2002 with the purpose of fostering string instrument playing in Israel. The seminars are held twice a year and are attended by 60 – 80 violin, viola, and cello players who have at least four years of playing experience and their current teachers’ recommendations. The participants come for three days of intensive music study and represent all Israeli society sectors, including the Arab community.

Each student receives three individual lessons from instructors who come from leading academic institutions in Israel and abroad. Besides, the students participate in large ensemble performance and chamber music groups, and enrichment activities such as listening to concerts, lectures, and sporting activities. A professional violin maker checks their instruments and gives guidance during the seminar on how to maintain them. At the final concert, students present their skills as soloists and also participate in an ensemble performance.

The Keshet Eilon Music Center provides the young players with every opportunity to practice and perform to fulfill the seminar program’s assignments. Both students and instructors have full access to the Keshet Eilon music library, which contains a rich collection of music, audio, and visual materials.

The center makes every possible effort to assist students in need of financial support for the seminar fees through scholarships funded by generous donors.

Spring Seminar for Israeli String Players

Registration has ended


  • The seminar will be held in a digital format
  • Dates: March 7–18, 2021

2021 Spring Seminar


The seminar will begin on Sunday, March 7 and conclude on Thursday, March 18.
The closing concert will take place on Thursday March 18 at 18.00.

Faculty members

Violin: Yitzhak Rashkovsky, Ani Schnarch, Guy Figer, Sophie Pikovsky, Mila Feldman, Lena Mazor, Roi Shiloah, Svetlana Simanovsky, and Haim Taub.
Viola: Tali Kravitz.
Cello: Michal Korman.

Schedule and special events

  • The seminar will be held in a digital format.
  • The program will include: individual lessons; open classes in the masterclass format aimed for individual students as well as for the seminar participants in general; final concert, and more…
  • A special event will be dedicated to the memory of composer Yehezkel Braun, Israel Prize laureate. Details to follow.

Conditions and Payment

  • Seminar fees: NIS 200 per student.
  • The seminar is intended for students with at least 4 years of learning experience.
  • Registration will close on February 11, 2021. The number of places is limited!
  • Applicants will be accepted on condition of receipt of completed application forms (see below) which include full payment, details of repertoire, and approval of the applicant’s local teacher, who is requested to send a letter of recommendation by mail to Sahar at [email protected]
  • Piano accompaniment: bear in mind that it is not possible to include piano accompaniment in Zoom lessons, even if the composition was written for piano accompaniment. It is recommended to choose compositions that do not require accompaniment (solo), though this is not essential.
  • For the individual lessons you are requested to bring compositions that you are currently working on, not new works!
  • You may note on the application form the names of instructors that you would be interested in working with – please specify at least two preferences. We will do our best to fulfill your requests within the existing limitations and ask for your understanding in this regard!
  • Of special importance for seminar registrants: we require high quality (only) recordings of compositions in preparation for the final concert. Upon receipt of your recordings, we will select those most suitable for the concert program. The recordings should be sent by mail before March 14 to [email protected]
  • Please note – the number of participants in the viola and cello classes will be limited. Registration for these classes should be coordinated with Sahar.

    Registration form for students

    * Required Field


    Please specify special requests for the seminar. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs:


    Works on which I will work at the seminar *

    It is not possible to combine piano in the zoom lesson (unless the student and pianist are in the same space). It is recommended to choose a solo work / s.

    Please submit a list of the works you plan to work on during the seminar, the list should be written in English and in printed letters. Be specific – include composer, title, giving all details and correct spellings as shown on the sample bellow.

    Composer (name and dates) Composition name in full (including No. Op, etc) Movements
    J. S. Bach (1685-1750) Partita No. 2 in d minor, BWV 1009 Largo

    The Virtual Winter Seminar 2020 is over.

    An announcement will be made about the date of the next Winter Seminar.

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