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The Keshet Eilon “Music Library Tower”

The Keshet Eilon Music Library is housed in a former grain silo built in the 1950s and converted into a music library and audio-visual space in 2001 at the initiative, and with the financial backing of the family of the late Ami Braun. The library contains a distinctive collection of music notes, books, tapes, discs and DVDs in the fields of violin, viola and cello; piano; and ensemble music. Rare collections have been donated by the estates of such musicians as Joseph Kaminsky (1st violinist of the Israel Philharmonic), noted pianist Pnina Saltzman, and the revered pioneer “Shulamith” Conservatory. The library serves all students, faculty and guest artists who come to Keshet Eilon, and is open to the public in Israel and abroad. The top (third) floor is devoted to the Keshet Eilon Violin- and Bow-making Atelier, inaugurated in 2007, made possible by the support of ICA Israel and Israel’s Ministry of Culture. The Atelier serves students and faculty by providing knowledge about instrument maintenance, guidance, and repairs.